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Equipment adapted to any of your projects

HPLC equipment*

With its DAC (Dynamic Axial Compression) HPLC columns of different diameters, Kyrapharm offers purification services from milligrams up to several hundred kilograms, adapted to any of your projects.

    • Analytical scale: 5 analytical HPLC units used for the screening (determination of stationary phases and eluents) and development of methods, prior to scaling the separation up to the pilot or production.


  • Semi-preparative scale:
    • There is a dedicated, fully-automated semi-preparative line for the isolation of impurities at the scale of tens of milligrams,
    • Two DAC columns (internal diameter: 50 mm) complete the process development and allow intermediate scale-up to be carried out to confirm the main parameters and robustness of the process.
  • Pilot scale:
      • A 200 mm diameter DAC column enables purification of hundreds of grams.


  • Industrial scale:
    • A 450 mm diameter DAC column completes Kyrapharm’s equipment to produce up to several hundred kilograms in a cGMP environment. This tool is ideally suited to the production of initial clinical batches for the pharmaceutical industry.

* High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Schema chromatologieControl board for the LC200 Column
Control board for the LC200 Column