Image Kyrapharm

Over 30 years experience in separation, purification and isolation by chromatography

With an experience of more than 3 decades with Kiralya, and based on the expertise of the Fuji Silysia Group and the Axyntis Group, Kyrapharm offers a wide range of services in separation, purification and isolation by chromatography.

The responsive and experienced technical teams are able to quickly develop processes adapted to the needs of customers: processes are developed and optimised with the objective of obtaining the best quality and maximum productivity with the better costs.

There are various possible applications which mainly involve:

  • Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products (intermediate or main active ingredients)
  • Veterinary products,
  • Cosmetic products,
  • Neutraceutical products, natural extracts, etc.

The processes are carried out to a high standard of quality, from the laboratory up to industrial scale production (cGMP).