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The support of
a specialist in spherical silica and bonded silica

Specific stationary phases with the Fuji Silysia Group

The Fuji Silysia Group specialises in spherical silica and bonded silica. Depending on the specific characteristics of the separation to be carried out (complexity of the mixture to be separated and purpose of the purification), Fuji Silysia is able to adapt the stationary phase in terms of particle size, diameter of pores and type of bonding. Kyrapharm improves its know-how by optimising the use of such silica and the performance of the separation/purification processes.

Image Kyrapharm
Spherical silica

The Axyntis Group, an intermediate-sized company with estimated turnover of €100 M in 2014 and more than 420 employees, is a leading speciality chemicals company in France thanks to its GMP capabilities (700 m3). The group owns six sites (All’Chem in Montluçon, Centipharm in Grasse, Orgapharm in Pithiviers, Steiner in Saint Marcel and Synthexim in Calais, withtwo sites) and three R&D centres, all located in France. Its activities revolve around the life sciences (pharmacy, animal health, agrochemicals), dyes and speciality fine chemicals (electronics, photography, cosmetics, flavourings and perfumes, etc.)

Orgapharm, located in Pithiviers, is a subsidiary of the Axyntis Group. The site employs 95 people and has a total reactor volume of 90 m3. It has been inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (last inspection in 2014), the French National Agency for Drug and Health Product Safety (ANSM) and is also ISO 14001 certified. Main Axyntis Research & Development centre is located at Orgapharm, together with a GMP pilot plant as well as multipurpose synthesis plants and an automated GMP crystallisation/finishing unit. The entire production cycle is covered, from the laboratory to industrial production, thereby enabling support for a project in its entirety.